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The improved flexibility and body awareness that Pilates has given me, combined with the helpful staff and friendly atmosphere mean that for me Bespoke Pilates is more an holistic therapy than an exercise class.


Best thing I ever did after slipping a disk. The Pilates teachers took into account my limitations and have enabled me, on my weekly visits, to maintain a healthy back.

I highly recommend them.


I have been doing Pilates for a number of years, and going to classes at Bespoke since shortly after they opened. Pilates has made such a difference to me, my life and my ability to do my job, particularly when I can find the time to attend Bespoke regularly.

Cheralyn, the Studio Owner, is one of the best Pilates Teachers I have come across, and all the staff are friendly and helpful. I find it much more beneficial going to a dedicated Studio, rather than just to classes that were a part of something much bigger, as they are all fully focused on working hard to help you get the best out of your time there.

Amanda Wills

I have tried many different kinds of exercises over the years, which I have got tired of or developed stress fractures or other injuries, however I have found that Pilates is the best all over work out for me. The team at Bespoke Pilates are very friendly and professional. The classes are always interesting and fun. You are encouraged to try to attain higher levels of fitness in small classes where the instructor is able to give individual help if you need it.

Linda Imary

I was referred to Bespoke Pilates by my Surgeon and my Chiropractor following extensive treatment by them after a road traffic accident. I initially had 5 one-to-ones learning the mat basics and then another 5 one-to ones on the Reformer. Since then I have tried to get to at least one class a week and the difference it has made to my core strength and rehabilitation has been immense. I continue to improve my strength, balance and flexibility each week. The tutors are fantastic and take such a close interest that you can't cheat or get a move wrong without it being put right!! In the nicest possible way of course! If you are thinking about taking a class- think no more and just do it!

Jane Leggott

When the opportunity arose to write a testimonial a few 'one liners' flashed through my mind like; visiting old friends, having your own personal trainer and, a nurturing environment! Having had a lower back problem for thirty odd years, I honestly thought nothing could make me feel better about it, (physically as well as emotionally) but with the guidance and support of the Bespoke Pilates 'team' I feel better than ever! Looking forward to my next giggling erm mat/reformer class


I thoroughly enjoy pilates, it has helped me to relax. It is the only exercise class I have kept up as I don't enjoy going to the gym.

The staff are very friendly and welcoming. It's great!

Anne Perry

I've been coming to the Bespoke Pilates Studio now for over a year and know that my weekly class has been of real benefit to my fitness and general well-being. The team are very friendly and very professional and have brought me gradually up to doing exercises that I would not have thought myself capable of doing just a few short months ago. Most importantly, the classes are small enough to make sure that everyone gets individual attention so they get the technique right and exercise both effectively and safely.


Brilliant! A very professional and helpful staff. I really enjoy the classes and have improved my flexibility in leaps and bounds.

Sheila Baird

I injured my back 18 years ago playing sports. Since then I have constantly battled to avoid going under the Knife for spinal fusion.

To help matters further 7 years ago I decided to quit my nice, well paid office job to take up kitchen & fitted furniture building & installation. It has been suggested that this was not the wisest of moves!

However, I have attended Bespoke Pilates for the past year, & the classes have helped me get up to, & maintain the fitness & strength I need to continue my chosen profession. I also find that I am able to rest & relax better than I have in years.

My only regret is that I didn't try Pilates years ago!

Toby Smalley

I live quite an active life (cycling, rock climbing, Ju-Jitsu, weight training, long rides on my motorbike amongst others!) and my girlfriend suggesting I give Pilates a go. Participating in classes at Bespoke Pilates Studio has helped immeasureably. I believe I am stronger and more flexible and more importantly, the back aches have gone away.


Brilliant! A very professional and helpful staff. I really enjoy the classes and have improved my flexibility in leaps and bounds.

Sheila Baird

Brilliant! A very professional and helpful staff. I really enjoy the classes and have improved my flexibility in leaps and bounds.

Sheila Baird


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