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Some exercise enthusiasts are looking for a comprehensive training method that gets results and doesn't take much time.

While there is no magic quick fix, kettlebell training provides a highly effective and efficient workout. After conducting an American Council on Exercise (ACE) study to research kettlebell training, Chad Schnettler of the University of Wisconsin La Crosse concluded that "for people who might not have a lot of time and need to get in a good workout...kettlebells definitely provide that. "


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The ACE study results of heart rate and the amount of oxygen consumption during exercise shows that kettlebell training is a higher intensity workout than standard weight training. The calorie burn during the study was equal to running a six-minute mile. The "bang for the buck, " as Schnettler says, makes it a popular choice. Kettlebells provide training for multiple muscle groups, based on the variety of exercises available with one type of equipment. The training combines cardiovascular training with strength training, making it effective for increasing balance and stability. Michele Olson, of the Human Performance Lab at Auburn University, Montgomery, says kettlebell training burns 60 percent more calories than traditional weightlifting.

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Brilliant! A very professional and helpful staff. I really enjoy the classes and have improved my flexibility in leaps and bounds.

Sheila Baird

I live quite an active life (cycling, rock climbing, Ju-Jitsu, weight training, long rides on my motorbike amongst others!) and my girlfriend suggesting I give Pilates a go. Participating in classes at Bespoke Pilates... Read More



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