Personal Training

Personal Training

Bespoke Training is an excellent way to ensure that you are individually supported with your personal training needs.

Whether it be an injection of motivation you are looking for, an upcoming special event, additional coaching in the Basic Pilates Principles, or whether you have any rehabilitation or elite sports training requirements, Bespoke Pilates Studios offers specialist knowledge and equipment to ensure that you reap the rewards of your Bespoke Training.

Following your initial consultation, your Bespoke Training Consultant will discuss a programme tailored to your individual needs. You can then choose to continue to work closely with your Bespoke Training Consultant, or join a group class

This can be achieved by booking one-to-one consultations or purchasing a block of four classes. Alternatively, if you prefer to workout with your friends in a semi-private session, you can club together to spread costs and still have all that undivided attention.

I have been doing Pilates for a number of years, and going to classes at Bespoke since shortly after they opened. Pilates has made such a difference to me, my life and my ability to do my job, particularly when I can... Read More

Amanda Wills

The improved flexibility and body awareness that Pilates has given me, combined with the helpful staff and friendly atmosphere mean that for me Bespoke Pilates is more an holistic therapy than an exercise class.



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