After 2 children and 20 years of constant long haul flights for work, to say I was unfit was an understatement. Aeroplane and hotel food along with very little exercise took their toll. I’d tried gyms along the way but found it so completely boring and to be honest a chore that I would lose interest after a matter of weeks. I used to be a keen athlete but never imagined I would ever get close to those levels of fitness again . How wrong I was. After 12 months of training with Jon my life has completely transformed.

I am fit, have a ton of energy and feel amazing. Jon is the consummate professional and an absolutely amazing coach. He is supportive, encouraging, motivating and totally committed to your individual fitness journey. Not only am I fit and healthy, but I have had lots of fun getting there and met some great people who I now call friends. If you want to get incredibly fit and have fun doing it I can’t think of any place better than at Jon Hill Fitness. 

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