Reformer Classes

Here at Bespoke pilates studio we pride ourselves on having the best in the market of Reformer machines

Our 9 STOTT PILATES® machines are world renowned for their quality and comfort, delivering amazing results with dynamic body changing classes!

Using the STOTT PILATES® Reformer adds a whole new level of strength training to Pilates. Integral to the impact of the Reformer are the springs that provide support for difficult exercises and allowing muscles to be isolated and worked more deeply. This workout takes a holistic approach to the body and utilises big muscle groups to tone and define. All delivered in a fun friendly environment

Essential (beginner) Reformer

A totally different way from the norm to work out the whole body from top to toe, learn how to set up the machine, build on your Reformer exercise repertoire as you build confidence, strength and flexibility. 

Intermediate Reformer

This class is set at a quicker pace incorporating more challenging exercises, in addition some Cardio Tramp® may be added to enhance the workout by adding cardiovascular interval training whilst challenging the Legs/Glutes/Abs.

Intermediate/Advanced Reformer

Not for the faint hearted!

This is a very challenging workout that requires experience on the reformers, as you will be using all that core strength you have built up to master the fun but tricky moves in this class.

Like the Intermediate class, this class is set at a quicker pace giving you a whole body workout, whilst challenging your strength, coordination and flexibility All classes are set in a fun and friendly environment.

Cardio Reformer

The ultimate full body workout!

The Cardio Reformer class will provide a full body workout from start to finish. The resistance of the Reformer will take you through a variety of exercises that challenges every part of your body. By then combining this with interval cardiovascular training, using the Stott Pilates® Cardio Tramp™, you’ll work the heart and lungs, burn calories and get an amazing fun packed 60 minute workout.



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