Brief Introduction about the trainer

Cheralyn Hill is the owner and founder of Bespoke Pilates Studio, which was established in 2006, Working with clients of all ages and fitness levels from athletes, special populations, hip/knee replacements , arthritis, neck, arm and back trouble.

It’s not just about injuries though, Cheralyn has many  clients who come just to have a great workout keeping them injury free, giving them strength and flexibility to enjoy freedom of movement in every day life.

Although most clients have 1 hour sessions, sometimes that may just be to long for some people to cope with so we also offer 1/2 hour sessions.

The studio also offers Two-2-One sessions, so you could share the workout with someone else !

Don't take our word for it

Jon said to me today “how long ago were you this fit?".  My answer "probably just before I had Ethan", but thinking about it I can honestly say I haven’t been this fit since I was in school and that’s over 30 years ago. On the outside, I looked fit and I used that as an excuse not to do any physical activity and eat unhealthily.  So really I wasn’t in that good shape after all. Just because I could fit into a size 6 pair of jeans didn’t mean I was healthy. 

I had always managed to keep a slender frame but when I became a Mum at the ripe old age of 44 my fitness regime became non-existent and the weight crept up slowly but surely and worst of all I felt achy and sluggish. I needed to invest in myself. So I decided to take the big step into Jon’s studio and join his 8-week weight loss program. Jon guaranteed results. It is amazing to watch how quickly your body starts to change. Trust me my pictures from before and after are proof.

Now a year after joining Jon Hill's fitness studio I can proudly say that as a 52-year-old woman I’m fitter, healthier and in better shape than I was as a 20-year-old. Weight alone doesn’t determine your health. Being active is a sure way to being healthy and feeling good. Jon is always there to support and coach you for your entire journey and the support keeps on coming.  So does the banter which has made this journey so much fun. 
The last year has been an absolutely joyful experience that definitely releases the endorphins and you feel your fitness levels improve each week.
Thank you to everyone that has been part of my journey !

Liza UK
I was referred to Bespoke Pilates by my Surgeon and my Chiropractor following extensive treatment by them after a road traffic accident. I initially had 5 one-to-ones learning the mat basics and then another 5 one-to ones on the Reformer. Since then I have tried to get to at least one class a week and the difference it has made to my core strength and rehabilitation has been immense. I continue to improve my strength, balance and flexibility each week. The tutors are fantastic and take such a close interest that you can't cheat or get a move wrong without it being put right!! In the nicest possible way of course! If you are thinking about taking a class- think no more and just do it!  
Jane Leggott

I love training at Jon Hill 30 minute Dynamic fitness. Jon is 100 per cent focused on each session and motivates each team member to do their best. Jon has invested in dynamic equipment to get the best results which are seen quickly. My strength has hugely improved by regularly attending his Gun-ex and ViPR sessions. The energy in each session is infectious and I look forward to training with a brilliant team each time.

Caroline Fielder UK
I live quite an active life (cycling, rock climbing, Ju-Jitsu, weight training, long rides on my motorbike amongst others!) and my girlfriend suggested I give Pilates a go. Participating in classes at Bespoke Pilates Studio has helped immeasurably. I believe I am stronger and more flexible and more importantly, the back aches have gone away.  

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If you are interested in finding out more about Pilates Personal Training with Cheralyn, please call the studio for more information or arrange a visit with Cheralyn for a chat to discuss your training needs.

    Alternativley you can call us at the Studio on 01276 36790