Jon said to me today “how long ago were you this fit?”.  My answer “probably just before I had Ethan”, but thinking about it I can honestly say I haven’t been this fit since I was in school and that’s over 30 years ago. On the outside, I looked fit and I used that as an excuse not to do any physical activity and eat unhealthily.  So really I wasn’t in that good shape after all. Just because I could fit into a size 6 pair of jeans didn’t mean I was healthy. 

I had always managed to keep a slender frame but when I became a Mum at the ripe old age of 44 my fitness regime became non-existent and the weight crept up slowly but surely and worst of all I felt achy and sluggish. I needed to invest in myself. So I decided to take the big step into Jon’s studio and join his 8-week weight loss program. Jon guaranteed results. It is amazing to watch how quickly your body starts to change. Trust me my pictures from before and after are proof.

Now a year after joining Jon Hill’s fitness studio I can proudly say that as a 52-year-old woman I’m fitter, healthier and in better shape than I was as a 20-year-old. Weight alone doesn’t determine your health. Being active is a sure way to being healthy and feeling good. Jon is always there to support and coach you for your entire journey and the support keeps on coming.  So does the banter which has made this journey so much fun. 
The last year has been an absolutely joyful experience that definitely releases the endorphins and you feel your fitness levels improve each week.
Thank you to everyone that has been part of my journey !

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